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Achieve more by working together.

The EBNER GROUP’s highest priority is to work with the best and most innovative suppliers. Together, we can create the basis for successful and long-term global competitiveness.

Guidelines for procurement

The purchasing of goods and the procurement of materials required to manufacture our facilities are currently undergoing a time of transition. It is not just about pricing: delivery time, quality and warranty all have more and more influence on the procurement decisions made at EBNER.

In addition to a price comparison, an increasing number of factors contribute to the assessment of a company’s flexibility, market adaptability and quality standards.

Procurement criteria of our Purchasing Department:

  • Quality awareness
  • Delivery and payment terms
  • Reliability of deliveries
  • Warranty
  • Documentation
  • Global availability

Code of conduct for commercial partners of the EBNER GROUP.

The EBNER GROUP is a far-reaching network of business partners and suppliers. Their business relationships are based on mutual trust, with the interests of both sides taken into consideration in a fair and balanced manner. All procurement decisions are based exclusively on measurable factors such as quality, delivery date, price, service and reliability and are not influenced by the personal interests of employees.

The EBNER GROUP communicates its expectations and requirements to suppliers openly, fairly and honestly. Active collaboration is required to ensure that the supplier is able to meet the high specifications required.

Are you interested in working together with the EBNER GROUP? We look forward to receiving your application to become a supplier!

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