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Welcome to the world of the EBNER GROUP.

For generations, the employees of EBNER, EED, Gautschi, GNA and HPI have been involved with heat treatment and the development and manufacture of innovative industrial furnaces and casting facilities.
The result: industry-leading technology, highest quality, long-term reliability, the best price/performance ratios, responsible environmental impact, continuous research and development, and a passion for performance and growth – all of which are decisive competitive advantages for our customers.

Industrial furnaces. Our key technology.

Heat treatment is the key technology used to produce modern, high-performance materials in the aluminum, steel and copper base metals industries. Controlled melting, casting, heat treatment and precision cooling are responsible for creating the special material properties of marketable, successful and exclusive end products.

Industrial furnaces are the decisive factor. But the EBNER Group can do more than that.

Complete systems provider.​

EBNER, EED, Gautschi, GNA and HPi know-how. Offering a wide range of furnace facilities, upstream and downstream auxiliary equipment, project management and services to the aluminum, steel, stainless steel and copper base metals sectors.

Under one roof. Everything from one source. Worldwide.

A global, family-owned company and market leader for heat treatment facilities for the metals industry. We specialize in research, development, fabrication, installation and commissioning of heat treatment facilities for the steel, aluminum and copper base metals industry.

EED is an economy class heat treatment furnace provider operated by the EBNER China team.

A project providing a platform to support good ideas from outside that are suited to the environment at EBNER and that fit into our developmental strategy. It is based on collaboration and cooperation.

Gautschi has over 98 years of experience in the design of melting and holding furnaces for the aluminum industry. Gautschi is known for robust construction, modern and innovative technologies and service.

GNA is a recognized world leader in the design and construction of furnaces and equipment for the aluminum industry, especially melting and holding furnaces; homogenizing, annealing and heat treatment furnaces; cathode sealing equipment and associated machinery.

Customers world-wide have been placing their trust in our products and competence for over 30 years. HPI develops, engineers, manufactures and delivers turn-key equipment for the light metal industry.

FAMETEC is the sole European state-of-the-art  sapphire producer of high quality net shape 6″, 8″ and 12” ingot and offers excellent wafer quality with cutting edge technology for electronics, semiconductor, medical and optic industries.

All administrative competencies from within the EBNER GROUP that provide services to its member companies have been gathered together within EBNER Corporate Service Group GmbH, to ensure that our standards and the quality of our service are uniform throughout the world.

Robert EBNER - EBNER Group

International. Austria.

“With EBNER as your partner in innovation, you have a decisive competitive advantage. Every day, our workshops, labs and engineers transform new challenges into great opportunities, and we have the references to show for it.
But, even with facilities installed across the world and our position as technology and market leader, we are not content to rest on our laurels. We want to continue to grow. We keep researching, improving the efficiency and performance of our facilities and reducing their environmental impact. We are constantly expanding our product portfolio. For every step in the metals production process, from melting to final heat treatment, EBNER has the right solution. Everything from one source.
We look forward to meeting you, your team, and your challenges. Dear readers, it is my pleasure and pride to continue to lead and develop the innovative family tradition of the EBNER Group. The success we have had in the past inspires me and my team to remain the best possible partner for our customers in the future. I’ll stake my name on it.”

Yours sincerely,
Robert Ebner, CEO



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China's Chengdu Yifeng Auto Parts Co., Ltd. orders a gas-fired press hardening furnace for the heat treatment of hot formed steel blanks


Italy’s Marcegaglia Ravenna S.P.A orders a HICON/H2 bell annealer facility to heat treat steel strip

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