Decades of innovation.

Group members and the year they joined EBNER.

2022 Hazelett
Hazelett Strip-Casting Corporation

Colchester, Vermont, USA | founded 1924

2021 CRC
CRC - Casthouse (R)Evolution Center

Ranshofen, Austria

2019 GNA
GNA Alutech Inc

Saint-Laurent, Canada | founded 1983

2013 HPI
HPI High Performance Industrietechnik GmbH

Braunau/Ranshofen, Austria | founded 1988

2011 EBNER
EBNER Service Center

Hagen, Germany

2010 EED
Wuhan EED Industrial Furnaces Co., Ltd

Taicang, China

2010 Gautschi
Gautschi Industrial Furnaces Co., Ltd.

Suzhou, China

2010 Gautschi
Gautschi Engineering

Konstanz, Germany | founded 1922

2010 Gautschi
Gautschi Engineering

Berg, Switzerland | founded 1924

2009 EBNER

Mumbai, India

2005 EBNER
EBNER Trade (Taicang) Co., Ltd.

Taicang, China

2005 EBNER
EBNER spol.s.r.o

Zdar, Czech Republic

2002 EBNER
EBNER Industrial Furnaces (Taicang) Co., Ltd.

Taicang, China

1988 EBNER
EBNER Service Center

Tokio, Japan

1986 EBNER
EBNER Furnaces, Inc.

Wadsworth, OH, USA

1948 EBNER
EBNER Industrieofenbau

Leonding, Austria