A world of engineering, wordwide.

GNA is a recognized world leader in the design and construction of furnaces and equipment for the aluminum industry, especially melting and holding furnaces; homogenizing, annealing and heat treatment furnaces; cathode sealing equipment and associated machinery.

Founded in 1983 to supply combustion equipment and control systems for local metallurgical industries, GNA has expanded over the years and now provides equipment and services for primary and secondary aluminum producers around the world.

With sales offices in Canada, Brazil and Taiwan, our equipment is in operation all across North America, in South America, Europe, India, the Middle East, extensively throughout Asia, and Australia. Service and technical support is available from GNA alliances and partners in these same countries and regions.

Our advanced design, control systems and construction techniques provide long service life and class-leading efficiency and reliability. Operator safety and comfort are primary goals in the design of our equipment: user-friendly features are built in to all GNA furnaces, extending from the access ladders/stairways and service platforms all the way to the control systems.


  • Melting & holding furnaces
  • Homogenizing
  • Industrial furnaces
  • Cathode & anode systems
  • Accessories


Spare Parts

We will provide you with a detailed quotation within 48 hours of your request. Purchase your replacement parts from us to ensure optimum functionality, reliability and integrity of the equipment.

After Sales Service

Our mission is to provide our customers with ongoing support long after our equipment has been installed and is in operation. Customer commitment is a top priority for us.

Technical Support

We have extensive knowledge dating back more than 30 years in the design and fabrication of industrial furnaces. With a team of trained professional engineers and technical personnel, we are at the forefront of industry developments.