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Gautschi Engineering.

As a result of a wide-ranging / extensive experience in the world-leading aluminium industry, Gautschi Engineering GmbH is proud to offer a perfectly designed and technologically innovative product range from single machines to complete casthouses.

Since 2010, Gautschi has been a member of the EBNER GROUP. Austria’s HPI joined in 2017, and since 2019 Canada’s GNA has also been a part. Together, these companies build a perfect combination offering the global market the most innovative solutions for the aluminum processing industry.


Gautschi‘s main products include melting and holding furnaces for the processing of liquid aluminium and various types of scrap, vertical casting machines for the production of feed material for forged, rolled and extruded products and heat treatment furnaces – operated batchwise or continuously – for further processing of slabs, coils and billets.

Cooperation with technical institutions and continuous communication with our customers create the inspiration for inventive solutions.


Liquid metal

Gautschi has over 98 years of experience in the design of melting and holding furnaces for the aluminum industry. Gautschi is known for robust construction, modern and innovative technologies and service. It is represented all over the world by more than 500 furnaces, ranging from 500 kg to 140 mt liquid metal capacity.

Casting machines

Gautschi is a leading supplier of casting equipment for aluminum. Its casting machines are known for their precise, robust designs and high level of automation. The Gautschi family of casting machines is used around the globe to produce high-quality rolling slab, extrusion billets, forging stock and foundry ingots.

Heat treatment

Modern technology, state-of-the-art design, competent manufacturing and installation, as well as effective commissioning, ensure fulfillment of relevant metallurgical requirements. PLC control systems and industrial computers facilitate the operation of Gautschi heat treatment plants and make fully-automatic production possible.



Highly professional project management and engineering transmits ideas and innovations to the customer. Experience, precision and high performance are the reasons for excellent results.

Customer Service

A specialist in customer relationship management: the success of the customer is one of our main goals. Providing the correct spare parts is one of the important steps in the cooperation with a customer.

Sales & Marketing

Across the entire product range of the company, customers are provided with consulting, design development, engineering, production & commissioning services.


Welcome To Our Lab.

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Alloy Development
Individual support to outperform product requirements; verification with pilot casting machines (HDC and VDC).

Qualify and instruct your staff under casthouse conditions.

Sample material
Small batch sizes, custom-made alloys and dimensions for testing to support your success (forging, extrusion, rolling …)