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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about SAP Ariba.

1. What is SAP Ariba?

SAP Ariba is a software for procurement. With this software solution, business processes can be designed in a simple and efficient way. The fact that all information is made available on one plattform (SAP Ariba Network) ensures a consistent and end-to-end user view. Electronic collaboration between customers and suppliers is also possible. Several million business partners worldwide are already registered with SAP Ariba.

2. How is SAP Ariba used?

To use SAP Ariba, you only need an Internet connection & an Internet browser. In order to be able to exchange documents electronically via Light Enablement, an e-mail account is also required.

3. How do I create an account in the SAP Ariba Network?

Register with the SAP Ariba Network to communicate electronically with the EBNER GROUP and other customers and unlock new business potential. You can either register yourself using the link below or be invited by the EBNER GROUP.

In order to be able to interact electronically with the EBNER GROUP and other customers and to tap new business potential, you need to register with the SAP Ariba Network.

To self-register, please use this link:  >>> https://supplier.ariba.com

You may also be invited by us or other companies.

Informationen regarding the benefits of the SAP Ariba Network can be obtained from this link >>> SAP Ariba Networks

4. Is SAP Ariba subject to a fee?

There are two ways to use the SAP Ariba Network:
Standard account (free)
> Enterprise account (fee required)

FunctionsStandard accountEnterprise account
conditions of purchasefreeliable to pay costs
Reporting optionsnoneexisting
Receipt and processing of ordersExclusively via e-mail and the link contained therein. Only manual processing possibledirectly in the SAP Ariba Network Portal
Preparation of invoicesExclusively via e-mail and the link contained therein. Only manual processing possibledirectly in the SAP Ariba Network Portal
Display of catalogues for customersnot possiblepossible
Detailed display of receiptsNo, receipts always need to be reopned via the e-mail linkSeparate tabs for displaying orders, invoices and performance records in SAP Ariba
automated document exchangenot possiblepossible
Contact for questionsOnline Help Centerassigned SAP Ariba Support Point

5. I already have a SAP Ariba Network Identification (ANID). Do I need another one for the supplier registration?

You DO NOT need another ANID if you already have one. Follow the link in the invitation to register and select “Log in”. You can log in with your username and password.

6. How does the registration and qualification process work at the EBNER GROUP?

As soon as you have received the invitation email from the EBNER GROUP, the registration process is as follows:

  1. Click on the link in the invitation email.
  2. If you do not have a SAP Ariba account, click “Register”. After your sucessful registration with the SAP Ariba Network, you will be automatically forwarded to the EBNER GROUP registration questionnaire. If you already have a SAP Ariba account click on “Log in” and you will be forwarded directly to the EBNER GROUP registration questionnaire.
  3. Fill out the questionnaire carefully. At the end ot the questionnaire, you can send it to us for visual inspection by clicking on the “Submit complete answer” button. With the button “Send message” you can send questions to us. Notifications from the EBNER GROUP can be viewed at the top left under “Project Notifications”.
  4. After submitting the questionnaire, you will receive a confirmation email
  5. After the questionnaire has been checked internally by the EBNER GROUP, you will be informed by email about the approval or rejection or further steps.

As part of the registration process, basic company data (e.g. adress, bank details, etc.) are requested. As part of the qualification process, product-specific questionnaires are collected.

7. Forgot your username or password! Now what?

If you have forgotten your SAP Ariba Network username or password, use the link https://supplier.ariba.com and click on “Forgot username or password”. SAP Ariba will provide you with instructions on how to proceed.

8. DUNS number: What is this and how do I find it?

Dun & Bradstreet maintains the Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) and assigns Alexander unique number to each company. Use the link below to search and find the DUNS number for your company. >>> https://www.bisnode.de/upik-en/

9. Which product group(s) / material group(s) should be selected in the EBNER GROUP registration questionnaire?

Those product groups / material groups that your company provides. Please select only from the categories listed.

10. How long do I have to register?

You have 30 days to register. Before the deadline expires, you will receive a reminder email reminding you to cotinue your registration.

12. Where can I find help with the SAP Ariba Network?

The management of the SAP Ariba account is solely the responsibility of the supplier. The EBNER GROUP does not have access to the SAP Ariba account of the supplier.

SAP Ariba offers many FAQs und tutorials >>> https://support.ariba.com/help/?locale=en

Click: Go to the Pre-Login Help Center.

Sie können auch diesen Link verwenden >>> https://uex.ariba.com/auc/node/248891?a_lang=en

13. What are the benefits for you as supplier?

You are part of the SAP Ariba Network – one of the world’s largest business networks. This enables you to find new customers & suppliers. You can also use the SAP Ariba Network with other customers.

14. Where can I find my SAP Ariba Network ID (ANID)?

If you are logged into the SAP Ariba Network with your access data, you can find your account information in the User menu under account settings.

15. Why do suppliers have to register?

In order for suppliers to participate in SAP Ariba Sourcing events (e.g. to provide status on enquiries & submit offers in accordance with the EBNER GROUP guidelines), suppliers have to first register and fill out the registration questionnaire in SAP Ariba SLP. (Registration alone is not enough to do business with the EBNER GROUP!).

16. What does it mean to be registered?

In order to acces, fill out and submit the registration questionnaire, suppliers must be provided with Alexander user name and password to access the SAP Ariba Network.

17. Is a company or a person registering?

The company itself registers as a supplier. In the course of registeration, a designated/authorized person has to log in to the SAP Ariba Network. This gives the person access to the company information and fills out and submit the supplier registration questionnaire.

18. I have received an email with the request for qualification. What should I do now?

Please log in to the SAP Ariba Network with your login details, fill out the qualification questionnaire and submit it.

19. Why are there different qualification questionnaires to fill out?

Different commodity- / material groups have different requirements. That is why there are different questionnaires for qualification.

20. Is there general information about the SAP Ariba Network for suppliers?

The links below take you to the SAP Learning Center, where you can find basic information for suppliers. >>> https://support.ariba.com/help or Ariba Network – Supplier help roadmap – SAP Help Portal

21. Does a supplier have to register again with the EBNER GROUP if it has already been approved by another company on the SAP Ariba Network?

Yes, because SAP Ariba does not ahres registration information between companies. This means that suppliers, even if they are already registered with SAP Ariba, have to submit the EBNER GROUP registration form separately.

22. In what form do suppliers receive notifications?

 The contact person of the supplier will receive notifications by email. Based on the email address provided in the registration questionnaire, the main contact person receives all notifications, status updates or official EBNER GROUP notifications. Suppliers can manage their primary contact person or other assigned user roles through the SAP Ariba Nrtwork. To manage SAP Ariba roles, SAP Ariba has provided specific tutorials on www.ariba.com

23. What should I do if the invitation was sent to the wrong contact person at the supplier?

Do not forward the invitation to others. The contact person of the EBNER GROUP is listed in the invitation. Please contact this person and ask to send the invitation to another person.

24. What would be the further procdure if the supplier has not received notification for registration?

Please check whether the notification has landed in the spam folder. If you have not received an email notification or an EBNER GROUP Ariba invitation, please contact the EBNER GROUP procurement contact. This person confirms the information about the main contact person and can resend the invitation tro register.

25. I end up with the SAP Ariba login when I click on the registration link. How di I get to the registration window?

It may be that another user has used the link due to shared inboxes. If the supplier profile has not yet been accessed, the EBNER GROUP can resend the invitation. Pop-up -6 web blockers need to be deactivated on the supplier side >>> https://support.ariba.com/Item/view/179632

27. The registration period has expired, the status is now complete and the questionnaire has not yet been submitted. Can I extend the period?

The registration period is set at 30 days. At the request of the supplier, the EBNER GROUP may extend the period for completing the questionnaire. To receive an extension after 30 days, please contact your contact person at the EBNER GROUP and request an extension of the deadline.

29. Where can I find help with the SAP Ariba Network?

To do so, please visit the SAP Ariba Help Center at >>> http://supplier.ariba.com

30. We have registered as a supplier under the ANID xxxxxx (supplier name). The email reads: "After registration, establish a business relationship with the new system of the EBNER GROUP." What does this mean?

All suppliers whising to do business with the EBNER GROUP nedd to be registered in the SAP Sriba SLP (supplier lifecycle & performance) by means of supplier registration and supplier qualification for the EBNER GROUP. In order to be able to involve potential suppliers, the EBNER GROUP uses SAP Ariba. The application or acceptance of supplier registration does not automatically guarantee business relations with the EBNER GROUP.

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