Energy Efficiency

EBNER GROUP | E3 – EBNER Energy Efficiency

The resolute pursuit of sustainability in production and the environment.

EBNER takes environmental responsibility very seriously. To us, “economy” and “ecology” are not opposites. As a globally-active family-owned company we constantly take an environmentally-aware approach, setting standards for environmentally-friendly production.

Customers place their trust in EBNER, not only because we are the world market leader for heat treatment furnace facilities but also because we are pioneers in the field of environmental protection.

E3 - EBNER Energy Efficiency.

Within the framework of sustainable production, EBNER focuses on the environment and has developed facilities with an exceptional degree of energy efficiency.

Through the use of new technologies such as energy recovery, lightweight workbases or combustion air preheating using large recuperators, EBNER has continuously improved the energy efficiency of its facilities.

Comparisons made by customers between our facilities and those from our competitors show that we have a clear and measurable advantage in terms of energy consumption. Today, it is already possible to operate the majority of our facilities CO2-neutrally with renewable energy. Our goal is to enable climate-neutral operation of every EBNER facility by 2024, using renewable energy.


As a pioneer in the field of industrial plant engineering, we recognize the responsibility we have toward the environment. It is for this reason that we have deeply anchored the principle of sustainability in our company’s goals, obligating ourselves to uphold it.

Guiding principles for sustainability in the EBNER GROUP.

Sustainability is a significant element in our company strategy.

Our technology and solutions require sustainable development.

Sustainability in thought and action is reflected in our processes and in our products.

We conserve resources, and actively take measures for environmental protection.

In each of our regions, we accept our social responsibilities.