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EBNER Academy.

EBNER supports success and the development of competence at its customers with a state-of-the-art educational concept tailored to individual needs.

In an era of rapid technological progress, global complexity and an ever-increasing amount of digitalization, continuing education plays a significant role in industry.

Demographic and technological change has led to increasing demands on productivity and effectiveness, which in turn must be met by fewer and fewer numbers of people.


In the future, education will no longer take place exclusively in the form of lectures and classroom situations – forms of teaching that still dominate the current statusquo in continuing education. To respond to new requirements,education must itself change. These changes will particularly affect the following areas:

» topics
» structure
» duration
» as well as in the retrievability of input.

Internationalization, individualization, integration and differentiation are not just buzzwords, but are factors crucial to survival that describe target audiences, languages, timing and content. Today’s markets are dynamic, specialized and international. Industries are
knowledge-intensive, and require professional expertise to ensure the thorough development of employee competencies.


Productivity and cost efficiency are the result of influencing factors that are perfectly in tune with one another at an EBNER facility. Starting with furnace processes and energy flows, and continuing on up to maintenance and safety systems, there are numerous factors that contribute to getting the most out of an EBNER furnace. The EBNER Academy, staffed with specialists for
each type of furnace, supports our customers in thiseffort.

Within the framework of the EBNER Academy, modern and goal-oriented curricula have been developed for the steel, aluminum and copper base metal sectors. Emphasis has been placed on the following:

» quality management
» maintenance
» energy efficiency
» safety
» operation and processing

With just-in-time seminars, workshops and training courses, our curricula can contribute to the qualification of your engineers, technicians and operators. We can offer them support in the form of open courses or in-house training in current issues and technologies, on subjects such as software, processes, automation systems and heat treatment know-how.

Courses offered by the EBNER Academy range from one-day seminars to long-term training and Web 2.0 technologies, in the form of webinars. Training is tailored to meet your needs. Together with our customers, we analyze the needs of the target audience, determine content and define the goals of the educational effort. Regardless of whether your emphasis is on steel, aluminum or copper base metals, we are in a position to provide training in maintenance, production or scheduling processes with qualification programs specially designed to meet your needs and that were developed for your company, your manufacturing team and your engineering team. Our “hybrid” courses, comprised of a mix of on-line (webinar) and live training (on site at the facility, either at our works or at our partner’s works), can also greatly benefit you – particularly when installing new facilities or when introducing new processes.


The EBNER Academy supports efficiency and global competitiveness by taking into account factors crucial to business success:

» 5S – Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain
» TPM – Total Productive Maintenance
» FTQ – First Time Quality
» ROI – Return On Investment
» OEE – Overall Equipment Effectiveness
» TCO – Total Cost of Ownership

Over and above this, we focus on tailoring training and qualification procedures so precisely to the needs of participants that instruction improves both the structure of workflows and qualitative and quantitative efficiency. This means that, when all is said and done, the benefits to your company are demonstrable.

Make the EBNER Academy your long-term partner, accompanying you down your path in continuing education. Our common goal is the thorough and lasting development of competence.


We look forward to working with you!

Have we sparked your interest? If so, please contact:
Christian Kovacs

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